Friday, June 29, 2007

Back home

I barely came back from the spa and I already miss the nature and the peace & quiet. Traffic noise annoys me, pollution annoys me and the sound of the telephone ringing annoys me. I was never too much of a fan of phones, I just hate the sound of them ringing. But Paolo Nutini is my ringtone now, so it's not so bad.
Laure sent me an e-mail that cracked me up. Need to send her something.
I guess we're going out tonight for somebody's birthday. I'll post some pictures tomorrow.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Going on a little vacation...

I'm going away for a week, for some spa holiday, hihi.
Hope to lose some weight, read a lot and get some scrapbook pages done.
You all take care and have a great week!

Thursday, June 21, 2007


Yay! Tomorrow I don't get to sit around all day! I got some freelancer job! They need some help at my friend's job to set up for an event next week, do follow-ups, that kind of office stuff. Boring, yeah. But it pays, and it keeps me busy. And better something than nothing. So yeahhhh, I couldn't be more excited to wake up at 7 am! Haven't done that in so long!
And then afterwards we have to work on our thesis (for graduation). That means hanging out, eating and chatting. All the girls are going, yay :)
T.G.I. Friday!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Wedding and palindromes

This last Saturday was my cousin's wedding and all my family from the Northeast of Brazil was here. That kept me busy! We would take them to parks, museums, restaurants, etc. All things they don't have up there and we do. All things big cities have instead of landmarks and beautiful landscapes. We basically drove a lot and ate a lot. Traffic is insane here.
The Wedding.
It was so gorgeous. It was beautiful, my cousin was beautiful, I loved her dress. The buffet decoration was the most beautiful I've ever seen. All in pinks and browns. And every little detail worked together. (Oh yeah, the candies were sooo good). We had too much fun! Took too many pictures! Hehehe. It was so much fun that by the end lights were on and we were still dancing and drinking, we didn't want to leave.
Now they're in Paris for their honeymoon, how cool is that? I want to get married! Hihihi.

Now on to the palindromes. Sus, the most famous one (I think) and the only one I know by heart is: Socorram-me, subi no ônibus em Marrocos. It means "Help me, I got on the bus to Morocco". Cute, right? Here's another one "Ame o poema" which means "Love the poem". Even cuter.
I found this list, take a look:
Have fun!
I also found those two in English, have u seen these before?
"Cigar? Toss it in a can, it is so tragic"
"Madam, I’m Adam"
Hihihi love those!

Friday, June 15, 2007


As Patty would say it, I've been playing with my scrapbook lately...
I am doing the Oswego album. Since it was a whole semester, it's probably gonna take me a while 'till I finish, but here are some pages I've done so far.
This one is about the Lake Ontario.

Just a detail.

This one has a list of songs that remind me of Patty. The ones she used to play frequently.

This is for Susan and Patty's 21st birthday!

This is about SUSHI!! Hahaha, actually, it's about the best meal we had there (considering we ate at Cooper everyday...).

Hope you enjoyed it!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Some pics to get this started...

This is just part of my (big) family. It was last Sunday when we went to this restaurant where they have all kinds of food. Lots of food, actually. And you can actually buy any furniture in the restaurant. It's kinda outta town, but totally worth the trip. It was a nice sunny Sunday. :)

This was last Friday at a bar where we had a happy hour due to the holiday (Thursday and Friday). The extremely cold weather is gone and now we're back to 60s winter! Fuck yeah! :) So nice out. Oh, this is Ce, me and Miguel.

This is me and four of my best friends. They were the ones I missed the most when I was gone. From left to right: Ce, me, Fe, Pri and Carol. In this pic we were at the graduation barbecue two Saturdays ago. It rained the whole day and it was chilly but that didn't stop us from dancing and laughing and drinking. By the end of the day we were soaked to the bones.

Starting this

Alright, I always had a blog for as long as I can remember (since I was 14 if I remember well) and I went through all those phases: blogging a lot, not blogging at all, etc. But this time is for a special reason: to keep in touch with loved Oswego people.
I'll try to post what life in Brazil has been like and what I'm up to. Some pictures, songs and scrapbook pages too!
Oh, another thing: hey Susan! :) This is for you! Hope you like it.