Friday, June 15, 2007


As Patty would say it, I've been playing with my scrapbook lately...
I am doing the Oswego album. Since it was a whole semester, it's probably gonna take me a while 'till I finish, but here are some pages I've done so far.
This one is about the Lake Ontario.

Just a detail.

This one has a list of songs that remind me of Patty. The ones she used to play frequently.

This is for Susan and Patty's 21st birthday!

This is about SUSHI!! Hahaha, actually, it's about the best meal we had there (considering we ate at Cooper everyday...).

Hope you enjoyed it!

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palindromelove said...

Ahhh!!!! That scrapbook looks so nice!! :) I wish I was patient enough (and not so lazy) to scrapbook lol... and yes that's a palindrome and I <33 them! Show me some in portuguese pleaseee!!