Monday, July 2, 2007

Weekend and some pics

This photo is from the spa! So relaxing, I love to just lay in these things and swing until I fall sleep!

Weekend was really busy. On Friday we ended up going to this bar/club but it wasn't that good, we just had fun 'cause all of us were there. On Saturday, though, we went to this club called Clash which is huuuuge and good music was playing. We were dancing all night long until 6 am, then we went to a diner to burgers as breakfast. Before the club, though, we went to this typical Brazilian party called Festa Junina with lots of typical food, music and games. The best part about being June/July and cold is going to these parties. You can find one every weekend! And the food is just delicious.
On Sunday we had our traditional Sunday lunch out. Went to this churrascaria (a place where the waiters keep bringing all kinds of meat and you eat all you can) to celebrate my cousin's graduation. Can't wait for the graduation party in August!! :)

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